To motivate anyone to operate a show, the main ingredient is easy: they must want to be there. All too often, management tells staff to “just demonstrate up” in order to perform a specific show. They would often prefer not to, though, given a decision. Let the worker understand what part they are playing in lead generation, presentations, general success of the show.

Sales individuals often feel that their ordinary selling routine is interfering with operating a display stand. When staff have a adverse attitude towards being at a show, their body language allows everyone around to understand that they feel “this is a futile and insignificant practice.” Remember, 82 percent of what we say is interpreted more by our body language than the phrase spoken.

Remember that all your company’s representatives are an ambassador. They can enhance the picture of the company and gain fresh clients by being useful, courteous and having a professional attitude. Choose your team closely based on their outstanding understanding of the products and services of the company and the numerous clients and opportunities you expect to visit the stand.

By attending the show, assisting in the booth room, participating in training sessions and pre- and post-show events, their excitement is contagious when top management supports the company’s trade show operations and demonstrates their emotions.