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With over 20+ years of being in markets trading across the asset classes and witnessing lows and troughs of market cycles, we have decided to share our experiences and expertise with the trading community from which we have learnt as we progressed. We are committed to giving back…!!

This event is a very unique and enriching with experts across the specializations. The speakers include Fundamental analysis experts, Technical Analysis experts. Professional Traders in Futures and options, Risk Management professionals and Portfolio managers.

Staying at the top of financial markets is an significant component of attending this trade carnival. Getting the edge of what’s new in markets, whats the successful traders and analysts are doing, and meeting all the domain experts to brighten the chances of winning in markets.

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About this Event

Trade Carnival is a unique event and first of its kind where the professional traders and eminent analysts from D-street come together to share and discuss the successful trading strategies and explore the untouched territory in the financial markets to reach the heights of success in markets.

Why You should Join?

If you are wondering why you should join this event and whats in store for you- The answer is straight forward. It is a place where you will get all your questions answered from the industry experts and will get a chance to learn more about the secrets of success in markets and become more confident with trading and portfolio management.

Way Ahead

We are excited to let you know that we will take up these unique events across the country to bring a platform for the industry experts and trade enthusiasts to come together and share knowledge on the key developments across the asset classes.

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